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 The Definition of a Moderator

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Snakes Incorporated
Snakes Incorporated

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PostSubject: The Definition of a Moderator   The Definition of a Moderator EmptySat Jan 05, 2008 3:33 pm

The Definition of a Moderator

Moderators are usually chosen from among the members of the online community by the owner or administrator of the website, internet chatroom or message board (also known as discussion forums) in question, based on the quality of their past input to the community, their level of knowledge in the prime areas of discussions and, not the least, their behaviour.

A moderator is like a host at a party. You don't automatically throw a great party by hiring a room and buying some beer. Someone needs to invite an interesting mix of people, greet people at the door, make introductions, start conversations, avert fisticuffs, encourage people to let their hair down and entertain each other.

A moderator is also an authority. The host is the person who enforces whatever rules there may be, and will therefore be seen by many as a species of law enforcement officer.

With that being said, moderators of this forum were members long before they were moderators. They have opinions too and are allowed to express them.

Example: If in a debate about blue versus red, a moderator says she likes blue, this doesn't mean no one is allowed to like red.

As a team, we all wear the 'moderator hat' sometimes, but there are times when we're just a member adding our input to a discussion. It's often hard to interpret the difference for members. Just because a mod doesn't agree with you in a thread and offers a varying opinion, that isn't an indicator that the mod is in the moderator role at that point in time.

We've instated an account named Moderator Team and in severe cases or cases where it would be hard to distinguish mod from member roles, a moderator will use that account and identify themselves when they do. So if you see this, you'll know why.

In closing, we are all part of this community, title or no title. The new member is just as important as the founder of the community. Moderators only exist to keep the peace, keep the forum active and fun, and ensure everyone adheres to the community rules. Beyond that, they're just a part of the community, as we all are.
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PostSubject: Re: The Definition of a Moderator   The Definition of a Moderator EmptySat Jan 05, 2008 5:16 pm

Very imformative thanks snake

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The Definition of a Moderator Mybannerglitter470776fcri0
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The Definition of a Moderator
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