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 Concerning the handling of venomous animals:

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Concerning the handling of venomous animals: Empty
PostSubject: Concerning the handling of venomous animals:   Concerning the handling of venomous animals: EmptySat Jan 05, 2008 3:59 pm

Concerning the handling of venomous animals:

While we do not encourage the handling of venomous animals we must also recognize that some members do. These members do so at their own risk and we hope that those who do handle them understand the risk involved.
These member who handle venomous animals, whether it be snakes, true spiders, tarantulas or scorpions and centipedes, document their handling of said creatures through both pictures and posts. This is by all means allowed.
These documentations are not intended to encourage any member or non-experienced hobbyist to follow their examples, nor is it to show off the fact that they handled such. If we see pictures of handling and believe it to be for a show off purpose we will delete it. We are aware that there are some indevidual members with many years experience with the keeping and handling of these animals and understand they are not posting to show off.
We encourage each member and guest to understand the risks before ever attempting such actions. Remember that even as keepers of these animals there are risks involved and each time we feed, clean or maintenance a enclosure we are at risk of getting a venomous bite or sting.

If you choose to handle you choose to take the risk!!! If you choose to keep these animals you choose to take the risk.
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Concerning the handling of venomous animals:
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