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 Black Mamba

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Snakes Incorporated
Snakes Incorporated

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PostSubject: Black Mamba   Black Mamba EmptySat Dec 29, 2007 8:27 am

Black Mamba

Black Mamba Black-mamba
Do you want to know just how deadly a black mamba's venom is? Check out our venom fast facts.

How toxic is it?
As little as two drops of venom can kill a person and a mamba can have up to 20 drops of venom in its fangs.
What's in it?
Black mamba venom contains neurotoxins and cardiotoxins. Neurotoxins cause damage to the nervous system, such as parts of the brain controlling motor functions, while cardiotoxins attack the heart.
What are its effects?
If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by a black mamba, you are likely to experience the following side effects:
Slight local swelling and/or pain, described as burning;
Drooping or heavy eyelids;
Loss of control of tongue or jaw;
Slurred speech;
Mental confusion;
Blurred vision and dilated pupils;
Paralysis of all muscle groups;
Loss of tendon reflex;
Respiratory distress.

The bite is life-threatening if these symptoms appear within an hour of the bite. Failing lungs, convulsions and coma precede death.
Is it always fatal?
Not all black mamba bites are fatal. It depends on how much venom was injected and where. If the venom has gotten directly into the bloodstream and not into surrounding tissue, it could be fatal. Survival is also dependent upon how fast treatment is administered after a bite. Immediate hospitalization is instrumental. There is a black mamba antivenin, but some may be allergic. In some cases allowing the human body to heal itself, with immediate medical care, is the best course of action. Paralysis can completely disappear with no after effects. As it turns out, black mamba venom can only paralyze temporarily. After about 12 hours, the venom molecules start to dislodge and are flushed out of the body's system.
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Reptile Rescue Den
Reptile Rescue Den

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PostSubject: Re: Black Mamba   Black Mamba EmptyMon Dec 31, 2007 5:44 pm

Don't they look so cute!

"We are not rescuers for medals and glory, we are rescuers to help the animals that are true to our hearts".
Black Mamba Pbucket

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Black Mamba
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